why us?

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our distinction lies in the analytic process that leads to strategic and creative execution

Barton Cotton's distinction lies in the analysis process that leads to strategic development and ultimately creative execution. Form and function meet in order to target the right audience and deliver the most effective message to them. This approach resonates with the donor, and results in the kind of Momentum that moves an organization forward with great velocity and success.

Our process allows us to analyze a donor file, determine key growth factors, and design a program to foster loyalty. It allows us to determine lifecycle trends so we can develop a program to meet donors where they are, and help them grow to the next level of generosity. It allows us to address new acquisition strategy to major gift giving.

What's my organization's fundraising potential? What's required to sustain a long-term plan for growth? Where does the baseline for donor acquisition and retention lie? How can our donor file be improved? These are just a few of the questions we answer when Barton Cotton applies its theory of Momentum.