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Yesterday: Barton Cotton was founded in Baltimore in 1928. Paper rations during World War II limited the company to producing printed materials for religious groups and eventually led to the advent of boxed cards premiums as a source of fundraising for nonprofit groups. The boxed cards have grown into a classic American tradition and Barton Cotton has grown into the leading agency for furthering the mission of causes that help the world.

Today: We provide strategy, analytics, affinity marketing, products, and creative services to nationally and internationally known nonprofit clients in the United States and Canada. Our progressive perspective allows Barton Cotton to bring a more aggressive and successful approach to helping nonprofits achieve their long-term goals. We serve a discerning client base that values innovation and demands our unheard-of level of accountability. Our value to these organizations is evidenced by a positive impact to their respective bottom lines.


Our large portfolio of services focuses on supporting our clients fundraising initiatives. We help our clients communicate their messages and achieve their missions through multiple channels and we view direct response fundraising as a three legged stool, supported by three equally important functions:

  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Package Design and Creative
  • Execution

While there is a service for every potential need, the breadth of our talent and experience allows us the ability to customize a program for our clientèle, and formulate a system that enables them to meet their specific goals.


For media inquiries please contact John Hall


Telephone 800.348.1102
Facsimile 410.565.5011

Corporate Headquarters
3030 Waterview Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Directions from I-95 N

  • Take Exit 54, South Hanover Street
  • Cross over Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge (Hanover Street Bridge)
  • 1st traffic light turn right on Waterview Avenue
  • Waterview Commerce Center will be 1/2 mile on the left


Ed~Comm Art Review
c/o Barton Cotton
3030 Waterview Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

The objective of art selected for use by Barton Cotton and its’ affiliates is to invoke a warm and happy response from the viewer. Bright Colors evoke this response. Brown, black, and gray tones are not recommended, except for use as accents. Art should be rendered in a style consistent with what is in the general marketplace. If you are not a card artist, please research the card market before submitting any art. We do not publish fantasy, occult, or sensual illustrations.

Art Submission Guidelines
  • Please do not send original artwork at this time. Photos, color copies, digital files, slides or transparencies are great for initial review. Include your name, address, and phone number somewhere on each piece you provide.
  • Please submit no more then 15-20 pieces of your work in a neat and orderly format. When reviewing the artwork we are looking for concept, style, drawing skill, and color usage.
  • In addition to greeting cards, we produce a variety of other stationery items from original art including but not limited to notepads, mailing labels, enrollments, gift wrap. Our standard card size is 7 ¼ x 5 ¼ single fold.
  • Whenever possible, please submit copies or printed samples that do not need to be returned to you. If you would like to have your submissions returned, please include a self-addressed postage paid envelope. Please note we are not responsible for artwork lost or damaged by the postal service.
  • We do not provide feedback regarding art submissions or the selection process. If your artwork is selected you will be notified by telephone or email.
  • Address your submissions to the above address.

If you think you would be a good fit at Barton Cotton, please send a resume and cover letter to

Senior Strategy Director