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understanding the tools that build momentum

At Barton Cotton, we view direct response fundraising as a three legged stool, supported by three equally important functions:

  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Package Design and Creative
  • Execution

Without any one of these areas, the stool cannot support itself and the fundraising program will not achieve its fullest success. Each area requires sufficient attention and expertise. Our clientsí success depends on our ability to understand donor data, forecast future results, hone in on the most effective ways to improve performance and then create compelling packages with proven artwork and impactful copy. Finally, programs need to mail on time and on budget. Barton Cotton has the expertise to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Strategy and Analysis
  • File audits
  • Campaign reporting
  • Cash flow reporting and mid-campaign projections
  • Data feed management
  • Test design, planning and analysis
  • Targeting
  • Acquisition list planning
  • Acquisition lapsed & house file selects
  • House segmentation & selects
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Multi-channel coordination
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget development
Creative and Package Design
  • Creative kick-off meetings
  • Copywriting
  • Art concept development and initial mock ups
  • Art acquisition and licensing arrangements
  • Package component specifications
  • Design and layout of package
  • Component mock ups for final approval
  • Pre-press preparation and color correction
  • Output files for printing
  • Creative audits
  • Scheduling and deadline management
  • Vendor selection and coordination
  • Competitive bidding
  • Package pricing reviews
  • Quality control monitoring
    • Package design
    • Printing
    • Imaging
    • Insertion
    • Mailshop and postal preparation
  • Budget adherence and management
  • Data requests
  • Data processing instructions
  • Lot split instructions and test set up
  • Acquisition merge/purge instructions
  • Client approvals
    • Component
    • Imaging
    • Insertion
  • Postal entry

Barton Cotton offers fundraising organizations a full suite of fundraising services, including fundraising strategy, package and creative strategy, art acquisition, package design, planning, data analysis, and production management.

Barton Cotton was acquired by Jim Moore in 2009. We are pleased to have hired many of the most talented professionals in the direct mail fundraising field. The staff of Barton Cotton has a combined total of over 250 years of direct mail, fundraising, and non-profit management experience.

We have established partnerships that allow us to provide clients with complete end-to-end direct mail fundraising solutions. From donor file management, to analysis, strategy development, and segmentation, through creative design and package execution, to post-campaign cash flow management, results analysis, and long-term strategic planning, Barton Cotton has a solution for all of your fundraising needs.

donor momentum™ toolbox

Donor Momentum Scorecard™
How fast are you moving? How fast is your organization reaching its objectives? What stands in the way? Barton Cotton's comprehensive methods create a "snapshot" of your organization using proprietary and proven algorithms and statistical modeling to score an organization's marketing data. Using Key Momentum Indicators™ such as average gift, donor growth rate, activation cost, and partner satisfaction rate, our team conducts performance analysis against years of data and models that measure past success versus potential growth. This establishes the direction for future initiatives such as direct mail, affinity and web marketing, and DRTV. The results are forecast, and the information discovered is used to develop the next phase of the Momentum continuum.

Donor Momentum Roadmap™
Barton Cotton's Donor Momentum Roadmap™ is a strategic marketing plan based on results discovered during the Donor Momentum Score™ process. The Roadmap is designed to achieve maximum Momentum by addressing ways to improve acquisition efforts, establish and retain loyalty, re-engage lapsed constituents, and increase the average amount of donor gifts. During the development phase, the Barton Cotton strategy team makes adjustments to the Roadmap with an eye on increasing your organization's net income.

Maintaining Momentum
If building Momentum is a science and actually achieving it an art then perpetual Donor Momentum™ would be the marriage of form and function for maximum success. That's the space in which Barton Cotton works. Donor Momentum™ is a dynamic concept to say the least. Properly applied, it demands a watchful and experienced team to ensure that up-to-date strategy and course correction are constantly applied. Our team conducts full Donor Momentum™ reviews bi-yearly for each of our customers to ensure that we are perpetually gaining Momentum and that the results of every campaign steadily improve to meet your organization's long-term strategic goals, and fulfill your mission.